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(From left) Mogan Mannar, Kuek Chung Lee and Sita Shanmugam teach, dialogue with and walk alongside pastors and church leaders both locally and overseas.

One of The Navigators Singapore CORE Values is “Interdependent relationships in the body of Christ in advancing the gospel”. We believe in partnering churches to further the Kingdom work in Singapore, Asia and beyond. The Church Discipleship Ministry (CDM) provides resources and training in discipleship and disciple making amongst churches.

CDM staff teach, dialogue with and walk alongside pastors and church leaders both locally and overseas. One of the outcomes of this is the valuable relationships that we develop with pastors and leaders. We also have the joy of observing a growing conviction leading to changes in the leadership team’s view of biblical discipleship for the local church. This shift results in them crafting disciple making strategies for their community.

pexels-photo-287332.jpgWe continue to meet some of these pastors and leaders to have a life on life relationship:

I have been in our church since I was a child. Over the last 37 years of my life, I’ve experienced spiritual highs and lows; the lowest being was when I was in NUS. The next few years saw close friends whom I had grown up with, leaving church for various reasons. I decided to join the Council to help change things, but I was still going by my own strength and there was no breakthrough spiritually.

When the church decided to introduce The Intentional Disciplemaking Church Process, I was quite sceptical. Not only was it going to take 2 years, it was taking up leaders’ time every month. However, I decided to support the leadership’s decision as I had been praying for a church revival for a very long time.

I felt that Brother Mogan was direct in the first few sessions, and I took offence when asked about my relationship with Jesus. However, over the next few months I couldn’t help but see the truth of what he said. I decided to be part of a Mentoring Group. The disciplined approach and sharing was the best thing that happened to me! Having to be accountable to others in the group made me set aside time for Jesus. Over time, I grew to be more aware of His presence in all situations, and not only on Sundays or when I needed Him.

– B T

What I’ve learned from my mentor Chung Lee, as we went through HighQuest, is the importance of having a daily Quiet Time, and how to study the Scriptures by paraphrasing the Word. I’ve grown in my conviction that meditating and memorising the Word prevents the devil from snatching it from my life. This discipline has changed my life and I encourage others I am helping to practise these disciplines too.

I have also learned afresh how to befriend pre-believers and the skill of sharing the gospel in The 2:7 Series® course. This course, has also taught me the importance of spending regular extended time with God. As we studied Robert Coleman’s The Master Plan of Evangelism, I was challenged to see how the Lord exemplified intentionality and servanthood in His ministry.

All of these have strengthened my conviction to be intentional with the people I’m helping, and passing on what I have learnt, so that they too can pass them on to the next spiritual generation.

– G A

I appreciate Sita’s constant prayers for me, my walk with God and my ministry doing the HighQuest and The 2:7 Series® course with different ladies. From Sita I’ve learned the importance of seeking God in my decisions and actions. She models a consistent prayer and devotional life.

Our meetup sessions always include meals, which I enjoy, and end with her words of encouragement from the Word and a prayer. I feel blessed and comforted each time we do that. I learn I could replicate that with my mentees and disciples, although it requires consistency for me to do so.

I am thankful for the insightful questions she poses, forcing me to reflect on my motives and desires. It’s been a journey of discovery and growth for me, and prayerfully I’m more Christlike in my pursuit of holiness and service to our Lord.

– L Y

Authentic Evangelism Seminar

CDM staff Mogan Mannar speaking at a workshop on “Changing the Way you think about Evangelism”. (Image credit: CDM)

The CDM team also works on several fronts to come alongside churches in their disciple making efforts.

  • Clinics are run to help churches effectively use:
    1. The 2:7 Series® – a discipleship course
    2. The Ways of the Alongsider – imparts disciple making skills
    3. HighQuest – used to mentor men and women in accountable relationships
  • Workshops are conducted on:
    1. Outreach – Changing the Way you think about Evangelism
    2. Follow Up, Spiritual Disciplines
    3. Leadership Development – Life Planning
    4. Culture and Change, Communication for Sustainable Change
    5. Spiritual Warfare 
  • The Intentional Discipleship Church Process (IDC):
    This 18-month process begins with helping a church clarify its mission, moves into guiding the development of strategies and structures, to creating an environment for people to mature, reach out to those without Christ and develop leadership skills for ongoing impact.
Church Leadership Workgroup (IDC) edit

Facilitating the Church Leadership Workgroup is part of the IDC process. (Image credit: CDM)

Ministry Overseas

Different members of the team have gone to North East India to teach pastors and church leaders principles and practices of disciple making.

After discipling a pastor and his wife in Country A for 12 years, we are beginning to see the 4th generation of believers emerge.

Teaching in Bangalore

CDM Staff Kuek Chung Lee conducting The 2:7 Series® Clinic in Bangalore, emphasising the importance of memorising scripture. (Image credit: CDM)

The 2:7 Series® Clinic has also been conducted for several batches of Indian and Asian pastors and leaders attending the Emerging Asian Leaders sessions both in Singapore and in India.

CDM staff also have their personal ministry relating with the lost and mentoring believers both locally in the market place, their churches, as well as contacts who are overseas.

In all of these we seek to fulfil the Navigators Core Value of partnering the churches through interdependent relationships in the body of Christ in advancing the gospel.

For more info about CDM or to contact them, visit the website – https://navigators.org.sg/ministries/church-discipleship-ministry/

This article is in line with The Navigators CORE Values:
CORE 8 Families and relational networks in discipling the nations.