Didn’t You? Won’t You?

– By Jujube*, a missionary to a restricted access nation

The original poem was written in 1997 when she was young. It was updated 7 November 2018 for E-NavNews.

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Have you heard the old good news that God has sent His Son for us?
Do you know He still continues giving without fame or fuss?
Don’t you know, don’t you hear, don’t you feel all that He does?
God’s still giving, through your living; it is you through whom He loves.

When at work you felt discouraged, and you didn’t know what to do,
Didn’t you hear His affirmation loudly, “I believe in you!”?
Feeling lousy ‘bout your friendships; had an argument with mum?
Been called a name? Or feeling blamed? Just lonely? Or plain glum?
If you feel left out, rejected, but you didn’t know what’s your crime,
It didn’t matta’, world’s beneath ya’, once you hear Him say, “You’re mine!”

When you’re singing songs of worship but were feeling rather dry,
Didn’t you feel the Lord reach for you, touch your heart and draw you nigh?
Yes, He sweeps you up in His arms, He’s the hero on prime time.
Heaven’s champion has the power o’er every circumstance and clime;
Still He waited for your answer, your obedience spoke a smile;
What you did was say, “I’m willing,”; as He went the extra mile.

Don’t you feel His patient tugging at the hem-strings of your heart
When you haven’t got a clue that you are drifting far apart?
Yes, He sends you fond reminders of His love that doesn’t cease;
Doesn’t cramp your style, it’s worth your while – relax! it only frees!
It’s your source of power and purpose, if you’re ever at a loss,
Ever able is this love that says, “It’s finished!” at the Cross.

Didn’t His promise give you courage when the weather’s really bleak?
“I AM WITH YOU” is His promise; He’s your strength when you are weak.
The less your less, the more His more; it’s when you’re poor, you see His store.
As you pursue, He still stays true: “I’m yours; what more are you waiting for?”
No matter what it is you need, if you in faith will humbly plead,
You’ll find He is your All in All; in Him your lack is filled indeed.

Favour’s not in what you’re doing, nor in merit points accruing;
It’s in how He lives through you and it’s in Spirit-life pursuing.
Life is not in transient pleasures, it’s His Kingdom that you seek;
Not in sacrificial service, but in walking with Him meek.
As you ask, “How can I serve You?”, He will say, “Come follow Me.”
He will show the plan, the future; when we go in faith, we’ll see.

Would you go to let the lost in on the many things He’s done?
Would you tell them it is possible – God paid for it with One?
Didn’t you know, didn’t you hear, didn’t you feel all that He’s done?
Wouldn’t you go among the lost to show them… let them meet His Son?

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This article is in line with The Navigators CORE Values:
CORE 1 The passion to know, love, and become like Jesus Christ.

*Not her real name.