Tin Tốt từ nước ngoài (Good News From Abroad)

Contributed by Abner Yee and Christopher Liu.

Dương Nhân vietnam

Image credit Dương Nhân

Ministry staff of Singapore Polytechnic Navigators and NavConnect, Abner Yee and Chris Liu, partnered up to head to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam last month for a ten-day mission trip. They share their mission report.

The desire of the Vietnamese students to learn English gave a great opportunity for extended conversations with them. They were so inquisitive about our life in Singapore and actively shared about their country as well as their personal lives. This opened a door to a deeper understanding of their culture.

Visiting some of their homes also gave us a glimpse into family life in Vietnam. Outings to their cultural landmarks, some of them led by the local students, were an eye-opener too!

chris liu, abner yee vietnam

Abner and Chris arrive at their destination. (Image credit Robert)

As we spent time with the youth in personal and small group meetings, we were able to build relationships and ultimately share the gospel. Those who were proactive joined us for some meals, allowing us to forge natural friendships and then to arrange for further follow-up. Two friends even made the decision to accept Christ!

The outreach work had its challenges though. Our contacts were busy with university and part time work, hence some appointments had to be rescheduled while some others just did not show up. In addition, the approaching monsoon season meant unpredictable weather. In spite of rain, we experienced God’s showers of blessings because of His divine appointments with various locals. The effort made by some of the students showed how eager they were to meet with us, which allowed us the opportunity to help them meet God.

Finally, we are thankful to our hosts, Robert Goh and Phek Tin, who encouraged us through their testimonies, fellowship and prayers. It was inspiring to observe their faithfulness and labour in the harvest field despite their age.

We would like to echo Jesus’ call to all labourers, to go and make disciples of all nations.

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The team enjoying local cuisine as they reach out to the locals. (Image credit Robert)

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