DiscipleShift Clinic


The participants from Singapore and Philippines at the DiscipleShift Clinic begin the first day with praise and worship. The theme of the two-day Clinic is “Five Key Components of a Disciple-Making Church”.

On Friday and Saturday, 20-21 April 2018, NavConnect staff Christopher Liu from The Navigators Singapore co-organized The DiscipleShift Clinic with The Salvation Army (TSA) and Real Life Ministries (RLM), a church ministry from Texas. About 48 attendees from local and overseas churches and Christian organisations came to be blessed by the American delegates.


The team of five Real Life Ministries facilitators from left: small group leaders Shelly Ulrich, Alex Jones and Dennis Baker, church staff Lisa Malstrom, and Associate Pastor Tommy Roberson.

Over the two-day course, there were familiar faces from those who also attended last year’s “Leading the DiscipleShift” Conference, and so there was a follow-up from what they learned and had put into practice. They opened with an insightful sharing on “Five Key Components of a Disciple-Making Church”, after an introduction from Christopher and a short message on defining discipleship by TSA’s Major Mark Brooks. This time in small group facilitation, they delved deeper into characteristics of Jesus and His time spent developing relationships.


Real Life Ministries delegate from Coeur d’Alene Campus, Texas Tommy Roberson (left) facilitating a small group with NavConnect staff Chris Liu.

The main topics explored at this Clinic were:

  1. Biblical foundation for relationships
  2. Intentional leadership
  3. Creating relational environments
  4. Aligning the church with a purpose
  5. Following a reproducible disciple-making process

Christopher had helped to make the Clinic happen, though on a smaller scale than the previous year’s: “I’ve been looking for ways to bring disciple-making resources and models to churches in Singapore and beyond. This Clinic gives us all a chance to connect, network and encourage each other in our churches at their varying growth stages.”


The Salvation Army Singapore Major Mark Brooks opens the first day with a message on making disciples as a long-term mission of the church.

Chris shared his thanksgiving with his discussion group, “This is an answered prayer; I’m grateful for the turnout and willingness of everyone to learn. I find this Clinic more impactful than 2017’s because of its small-group focus and hope this continues to strengthen our churches wherever we are.”


Alex Jones (middle): Small groups are essential for fellowship and are the glue of churches to ensure close connection and a healthy relational environment for their disciples to grow in faith.


Dennis Baker (extreme right) engaging with participants over lunch on church-related matters.

The Real Life Ministries work first began in Idaho by Lead Pastor Brandon Guindon before it spread to disciple-making churches in Seattle then Texas and the rest of USA. It started with two couples in 1999 and has grown to 8,500 by 2010 with more than 4,000 conversions and baptisms, and 7,000 in small groups. The team of five who conducted the Clinic are leaders who make disciple-makers and are being discipled themselves, holding to the conviction of accountability and community in the body of Christ.

Participants at this year’s Clinic were leaders, elders and pastors who came from the local Salvation Army, Barker Road Methodist, International Baptist, Calvary Baptist, Golden City Alliance Fellowship (Philippines), Angora Brethren and Covenant Evangelical Free Church.

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