Come Alongside Me

For Pun Wee Leong, who heads the Nav ITE ministry, disciple making means coming alongside an individual. “When we come alongside someone, we go all the way for him, through good times and bad. Doing so brings God’s presence to these people and they can see that God is here for them too,” shared Wee Leong. Since 2009, Wee Leong has been coming alongside students in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

IMG_5058 small2.jpgEdmund Hor (left) and Pun Wee Leong share their experiences of being with Nav ITE.

Who Is Edmund?

Besides reaching out to students in ITE, Wee Leong also mentors individuals in Nav ITE. He has been mentoring Edmund Hor, a teacher, since 2013. Prior to joining Nav ITE, Edmund was spiritually dry. He wanted to know God and His Word in a deeper manner. Aware of Edmund’s plight, Kok Sin, Edmund’s friend and neighbour, introduced him to several fellowship groups, including Nav ITE. “I felt the warmth and joy in the Nav ITE fellowship when I attended their meetings. The people here care deeply and provide excellent teaching,” Edmund said.

Before long, Edmund found himself growing closer to God and started serving as a volunteer helper in Nav ITE. Edmund’s most memorable involvement with the ministry was going for a week long mission trip in 2015. In a foreign land, Edmund learnt to be bold in order to befriend and engage local students. What encouraged him most was having the privilege to lead a local student to Christ. Today, he continues to maintain a friendship with this student, who even came to Singapore to attend Edmund’s wedding.

Coming Alongside Edmund

Last year, Edmund found himself under tremendous stress when he experienced four major changes in his life. Over the span of a few months, he had to adapt to teaching in a different school, prepare for his wedding and marriage, set up his new home and adjust to a new church environment. These changes took a toll on Edmund’s health. What saw him through were God’s goodness and the support of his loved ones and people in Nav ITE. Edmund clung on tightly to God’s promise in Proverbs 3:5-6 –

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

God remained true to His Word and straightened all paths for Edmund. In his new school, Edmund found himself blessed with godly leaders. While preparing for his wedding, tricky situations were resolved after Edmund spent time praying and committing them to the Lord. God gave Edmund and his wife a home they love immensely and they adjusted to life as husband and wife. Above all, Edmund found numerous familiar faces in his new school, neighbourhood and church. These people gave him a sense of assurance, one that he knew was provided by the Lord. “God has been good to me. It is definitely not coincidental when I keep bumping into familiar faces everywhere. It can only be the Lord’s doing,” Edmund testifies.

IMG_4838 RGB smallEdmund (extreme right) leading worship at Nav ITE’s 2017 Thanksgiving Night.

Edmund Comes Alongside Others

Having personally experienced God’s blessings and the value of having Wee Leong come alongside him, Edmund desires to do likewise for others. He shares Wee Leong’s desire to help ITE students and is presently meeting with two youths. One of these youths is Symon Chong. Symon graduated from polytechnic recently and was a former student of ITE. He is currently serving National Service.

When Edmund first met Symon, the latter had little confidence in himself. Nevertheless, Edmund saw potential in Symon and desired to help him grow. In order to help Symon realise how valuable he is to God, Edmund spent time praying and studying God’s Word with him. When Edmund found out that Symon enjoys hymns, he took the opportunity to rope him in to lead worship during Nav ITE’s Discipleship Night meetings. Gradually, Symon grew in his self-worth.

“Because of all that have been invested in my life,” Edmund shares, “I have become a very joyful and thankful person.” Seeing the transformation in Edmund’s spiritual life has certainly delighted Wee Leong. “I am very encouraged by Edmund’s life,” says Wee Leong. “He is always full of thanksgiving and he remembers God’s goodness in his life.” Similarly, Edmund marvels at how God has transformed Symon’s life and he is heartened by the latter’s desire to grow in the Lord.

IMG_2005 2 smallNav ITE family at a recent Chinese New Year gathering.

Would You Come Alongside Them?

The harvest is certainly plentiful in ITE, but the workers are few. Behind the walls of the three ITE colleges are numerous students who are often overlooked or undermined in society. They struggle with a myriad of issues in life. These students need to know Christ and experience his love. These students need people to enter their lives and run alongside them. Nav ITE is presently managed by two full-time staff, and the ministry faces a dire need for more people to join them in serving and saving the lost. Just as the Lord saw the crowd and had compassion on them (see Matthew 9:36-38), students in ITE need someone to help point them to the Lord and show them the love of God. Would you consider coming alongside them?

Should you desire to bring hope to these youths or find out more about Nav ITE, please email for more information.