Forerunner for Christ

IMG_5280 2e.jpgSince young, Jolynn Ng thought that being a Christian meant attending church and Bible lessons on Sundays. After joining The NavTeens (TNT) in 2007, she realised that identifying herself as a Christian means making Christ the centre of her life. The work of faithful labourers has inspired Jolynn to come on staff under the EDGE programme. She hopes to disciple and love others. Jolynn shares with us her journey to becoming a full-time staff:

I never had a definite answer for what is an ideal and meaningful job for a graduate. Upon a friend’s prompting, I reflected and realised that I have been volunteering with TNT for the last seven years. There must be a reason why I stayed and served for such a long time. 

When I was presented with an option to become a full-time staff, I prayed, sought godly counsel and studied the Word of God. The final challenge came after I read Philippians 3:8.  Am I able to count everything as loss in view of Christ? With that, I took the step of obedience. The road ahead seems intimidating, but I hold on to what Chiang Kiam Siong, Director of TNT, advises, “The scariest moment in life can turn out to be the most memorable.”

Chloe Cai, who disciples Jolynn, believes that Jolynn’s dependence on God’s grace will not only equip her in her ministry venture, but will also empower those whom Jolynn journeys with.

In the coming three months, Jolynn will be attached to the Republic Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic (RP-NYP) ministry. She looks forward to learning how to reach out to her contemporaries. Thereafter, Jolynn will return to TNT. She will resume training with the Geylang Methodist School (Secondary) Athletics co-curricular activity (CCA), which was established last year. Beyond helping students become better athletes, Jolynn prays that her passion for track and field will be a springboard for her to impact youths for Christ.

IMG20180213180402_1 (1) copye.jpgJolynn (front row, third from left) with some of the members from Geylang Methodist School (Secondary) Athletics CCA.