Faith at Work

by Sophie Sim-Lawrence
With contributions from He Ruixin, Low Sau Bing and Robert Yeun

After the carefree years of adolescence comes the demanding stage of adulthood. Understanding the numerous needs of this group, The Navigators Twenties-Thirties (NTT) ministry desires to walk alongside them through the myriad challenges of career and family life. NTT also aspires to help those in their twenties and thirties continue disciple-making in their natural spheres of influence. The mission of NTT is three-fold—to know Jesus intimately, to make Him known impact-fully and to intentionally help others do the same.

Having a strong foundation in biblical truth and practising spiritual disciplines are important for Christian growth. Besides meeting in small mentoring groups near workplaces or homes, NTT holds seminars and workshops to help individuals grow in their career and ministry. Young couples are also mentored to equip them with the necessities to build strong,  godly families. This wide array of activities allows disciples to develop a deeper relationship with God and spur them to live a Christ-centred life.

Two members of NTT share their stories of faith at work—living out their faith and sharing Christ at their workplaces. They demonstrate how God is using NTT to reach out to young working adults.

He Ruixin works in the airline industry. He shares how he tries to make Christ known impact-fully at his workplace.

   “Like many of you, I spend a good part of my waking hours at work. I used to associate ministry with church or having Bible Study. Being in NTT, this notion of mine was challenged. Could I start a workplace ministry? Who are my neighbours?
My colleagues perhaps, given the long hours I spend with them? Is it possible to make disciples of my fellow workmates?

In 2015, I changed jobs and found it challenging to have a workplace ministry. Will I get into trouble with my boss or management if they find out? How do I start one? Will my colleagues think that I am crazy and look at me differently? I am not a senior staff, what can I achieve? Perhaps I should just wait and see? Nevertheless, my hesitance did not stop God from accomplishing His purpose.

I clearly remember having a casual conversation with Colleague X in May last year. I was sharing with her how good God has been to me. In the midst of our conversation, I blurted, ‘It would be amazing if Christians in our office can meet to encourage and bless one another.’ In response, Colleague X expressed interest and indicated that Colleague Y shared my sentiment. On that very day, both colleagues created a WhatsApp group for Christians in our workplace. We also scheduled a take-away lunch fellowship session.

During our fellowship session, we praised and worshipped God with the assistance of YouTube videos and gave thanks for God’s goodness in our lives. 18 months on, we continue to meet as a group. Each of our sessions is different and we have found resources created by The Navigators to be really useful. Once, the Word Hand illustration was modified into a game; on another occasion, we used ACTS (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) of prayer to help us work on parts of our prayers that are often neglected, like adoring God.

While I may not know what the future holds for my workplace ministry, I know that all I need to do is place my trust in the Lord and he will make my paths straight (see Proverbs 3:5-6).”

20161116_135723.jpgRuixin and his colleagues during one of their fellowship sessions.

Low Sau Bing shares how he is intentionally equipping another member with discipling skills so that she too, can make disciples among those she works with. Her name is Norelle May Laorden.

    “‘I want to reach out to those around me, just as I did back home!’ Norelle replied enthusiastically, when I asked her what prompted her desire to join NTT during our first meeting together.

Norelle was raised in a Catholic family. Back in Davao, Philippines, Norelle was involved with the Philippine Navigators’ high school ministry. There, she studied the Bible and later received Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour. Norelle went on to disciple high school students while she was studying in university.

In August 2016, God opened the door for Norelle to work in Singapore as a phlebotomist. Upon arrival, Norelle connected with NTT almost immediately. She wanted to discuss the possibility of having a workplace ministry among her Filipino colleagues in the hospital she works at.  Together, we took a prayer walk around the hospital compound and trusted God to move the hearts of the people working there. Within a month, three of Norelle’s Catholic colleagues indicated interest in learning to read and study the Bible. These Filipinos were curious since they had never read and study the bible on their own.

In spite of working shifts, this group continues to meet almost weekly to learn and praise God. They testify of how their personal relationship with Jesus has grown and they are excited to have discovered the joy of meditating on Scripture. This group even organises their own spiritual retreats! They are also learning from Norelle how to share their testimonies with family and friends, so that they can share them whenever they return to the Philippines.

Though Norelle experiences health problems and there are family issues back home, her faith in God, love for her fellow colleagues and her trust in God’s provision show that neither geography nor life stages can limit discipleship and disciple-making.”

CNY Lunch 20170131.jpgNorelle (extreme left) and Sau Bing (extreme right) with members of their Bible Study group.  One of these members is from Norelle’s hometown, while the others learnt about NTT when Norelle invited them to study the Bible together.