Black, Red & White

by Sophie Sim-Lawrence

The hall at SAFRA Mount Faber was beautifully decorated in black, red and white—the theme colours for the “Black, Red & White” Lunch Talk. This was an evangelistic event organised by the Nav-Community Ministry (NCM) on 4 November 2017. 85 people attended, of which 30 were non-Christians. Everyone spent the afternoon enjoying a buffet lunch, playing games and sharing life challenges.

Mok Chok Sun, a Nav Associate Staff with NCM, took the opportunity to testify of how God cured him of his first bout with cancer. Mok also shared that the Lord is keeping him well as he currently copes with a second battle with cancer. He is thankful that he is experiencing minimal side effects and is able to continue with his regular activities.

The highlight of the event was hearing Leslie Choudhury, an international speaker, share his thoughts on “The Key to Success”. Leslie shared his life story and brought the audience on a journey that spanned his teenage to working adult years. Those years were characterised by many good decisions, thanks to the advice of a friend Leslie met when he was 12. Leslie revealed at the end of his talk that this lifelong special friend of his was Jesus. He acknowledged that all the successes he had experienced in life would not have materialised, had it not been for the guidance and providence of God.

IMG_2940eIMG_2989(TOP) Mok and (BOTTOM) Leslie sharing about God’s goodness.

Why name the event “Black, Red & White” Lunch Talk? Leslie associated these colours with humanity’s sinfulness (black) and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross (red) so that we can have hope and live life to its fullest meaning (white). Leslie came to one solid conclusion—Jesus holds the key to a successful life.

Over discussions at their respective tables, guests had the opportunity to discuss life struggles and what success means to them. At the table hosted by Nesa Mannar, a member of NCM, some shared their traumatic experiences like falling from a four storey building and suffering from massive strokes, tumours and breast cancer. These guests survived those terrible ordeals and have emerged stronger and more resilient. Eventually, someone enquired about Nesa’s faith. This gave her the opportunity to share her testimony. At other tables, somebody resolved to attend church while another was introduced to a personal relationship with Christ.

Seeds were sown in a friendly and natural way in this event. Pray with us that these seeds will grow and guests who attended will continue to consider what true success is.

IMG_2950e.jpgIMG_3071.JPG(TOP) Guests playing games at the event and (BOTTOM) having meaningful discussions.

The Navigators Community Ministry (formerly known as Alumni Community Ministry) focuses on making disciples among those aged 40 years and above. NCM often invites experienced industry leaders who are Christians to conduct seminars and workshops. Through these avenues, NCM desires to empower believers to continue sharing the Gospel, to make disciples for Christ and to finish well in life.