From the National Director


ND Installation 1.JPGThis time last year, I was asking God to lead me in my new responsibility as National Director. Through 2 Chronicles 20:17, God assured me that He will work on my behalf and I need not be afraid. As I look back on 2017, I can only attest of His faithfulness and give thanks for all that He has brought to pass. God has done so much for us in The Navigators Singapore, some of which you will read about in this issue of NavNews.

Our highlight for 2017 is the re-affirmation of the Nav CORE—Calling, Values and Vision. We spent much time meeting, praying and having devotions—all for the sole purpose of seeking God’s direction, as we discussed and deliberated each aspect of the Nav CORE. Consequently, on Labourers’ Day, the nine Core Values were explained in relation to The Wheel® illustration, and how the obedient Christian’s inner and relational lives revolve around these values. More than 170 labourers had the opportunity to hear what the Lord has impressed on our hearts. That day, we stood as one body and asked the Lord to fulfil the Nav CORE for us. Everyone present also copied all seven paragraphs of the Nav Vision. This exercise was inspired by my habit of copying a psalm each day, which I have been doing over the last four years. Copying a text takes time and this in turn enables us to pause, ponder and better understand what we are reading.

We can all experience God’s goodness in our lives. In Praying the Psalms, a book I published recently, I share how Psalm 40 shows the wonderful ways of God’s workings. I summarised this psalm using seven Ws.  They are—Wait (vv. 1-2), Worship (vv. 3-4), Wonders (v. 5), Will (vv. 6-8), Witness (vv. 9-10), Weak (vv. 11-15) and Win (vv. 16-17). Perhaps you would like to take some time to copy and meditate on Psalm 40 and see what our Father is saying to you for the New Year. He will promise you something special—and fulfil it.

As an organisation, we are trusting God to do a new work in our midst (see Isaiah 43:19). We pray that He will challenge hearts to go forth and convict us to leave our comfort zones to carry out His plans and purposes. Would you pray along with us as we update you throughout the year on how God is leading us? May you and yours have a most blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with the wonderful promises of our good Lord.