Flow of Blessings

EDGE staff, Diong Siew Siew, shares with us encouraging news about how her dad came to know God through an interesting “flow of blessings.”

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord .  “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  — Isaiah 55:8-9

Praise The Lord!!! My dad received Christ on 1st of May. Looking back on the linked events that led to his salvation, I am thankful to God that He helps me know His way. While I may not able to know all His thoughts for me right now, but as long as I am walking aligned to His ways, He will reveal His thoughts to me one by one.

God has been so good and gracious to my family. In recent years, I saw my mum, two of my sisters, and then a niece and a nephew come to know Jesus Christ when I shared with them the gospel.

But my dad came to know God through an interesting “flow of blessings.” Shi Xin and Shi Yi are twin sisters. Shi Xin joined the ministry first and brought her younger sister Shi Yi along. I help Shi Yi personally to grow in her faith while my mentor disciples Shi Xin.  We also got to know their parents well (like my parents, they stay in Malaysia), and the twins’ parents tell us that they are comforted to know that their children are under God’s guidance.

IMG-20170515-WA0032Shi Xin, Bi Fen, Me (Siew Siew), Shi Yi together with some lovely cupcakes.

A few times, God prompted Xin’s and Yi’s mother to visit my dad but my dad was not at home. On 1st May, she and a group of women went again to my house. This time, my dad was in. They shared the gospel with my dad and my dad received Christ immediately! I am so thankful that the blessing of this gospel that I am teaching the Shi sisters “flows” back to my family through their mum.


Pastor, Twin’s grandfather, My dad, Me, Twin’s mother after service.

When I serve God in Singapore I always tell God in my prayers: ”God, I am taking care of your business and I will trust You to take care of mine”. Indeed God is so faithful he never fails to take care of my family members, but I do fail to take good care of his children sometimes. I thank God that on my recent trip back to Malaysia to visit my parents to celebrate “Parents Day,” I was assured of my dad’s salvation. God is so amazing! He not only assured me of my dad’s salvation but He also provided an opportunity for me to bring my dad to church service. The sermon topic was “Are you saved” and it was again an assurance to my dad that he is indeed saved in Christ Jesus. Indeed God’s thoughts and ways are higher than mine. He prepared everything for my dad. Another bonus was knowing that it was Xin’s and Yi’s grandfather who welcomed my dad warmly the moment we arrived at church that first time. He even made appointment with my dad to invite him to the church again. All in all God is so good, and his blessings to my family are overwhelming.


A lovely family photo of mine.