New in the Family

IMG_1945Abner Yee met The Navigators 9 years ago when he was a student at The Singapore Polytechnic (SP).  By God’s grace and through the diligence of God’s people, Abner has come to experience God personally in His Word.  Just as he has been blessed, he too desire to be God’s channel of blessing.  Abner has been active with the SP Navs since then, and recently took up the baton as their ministry leader.  He shares about how God led him to come on staff under the EDGE program:

“‘I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in my heart and mind…’ (1 Samuel 2:35a)  These words caught my attention as I was reading the Bible last year in January.  I pondered over them and told God that I wanted to be that man. 

Later in August, while doing Quiet Time on Mark 14, I saw how Jesus called what others regarded as an act of “wasting more than a year’s wages”, “a beautiful thing.”  That led me to think, how beautiful would it be to Jesus, if I were to “waste” on Him my lifetime’s worth of wages?  God wants me to use my lifetime to do what is in His heart and mind.  Yet, the potential to align my ministry with the heart of Christ is beyond my imagination, for which I can only offer my humble service for His use.”

IMG_2905A few months into full-time ministry, Abner was one of the leaders who taught at the recent SP camp “Renew Your Vision.”  He led a workshop on Initial Follow-Up and encouraged the participants to do so with Prayer, Scripture, Love and Example.  Two campers shared their reflection from the camp below.

Hau Wei (Year 2 Student), first-time camper:
I learned that God is behind us as we reach out to our family.  He is the One who orchestrates and brings different ones to Him.  All I need to do is just to surrender to Him and trust Him totally. I want to devote my life fully to God, and let Him use me as His instrument.

Benjamin (SP graduate), working adult:
When our camp speaker asked, “Is there a person you find impossible to witness to?”  I knew God was talking to me about a trouble-making colleague.  God showed me that in Jesus’ name, I can forgive and love those who have hurt me… To attain and store up eternal treasures at my eternal home.  There is nothing in my life more urgent, nor any possession of the world more important than the gospel of Christ in my life.