The Gospel for All of Life

What is The Gospel to you? How is it relevant to your life and ministry at this stage of life? These were two key questions we were asked to reflect on during the recent staff retreat.


Goro Ogawa, former Country Leader of the Japan Navigators, shared with us his personal account of experiencing the Gospel in his life. He reminded us of how the Gospel is not simply a door to becoming a Christian. Rather, the Good News about Jesus is like a diamond with many facets. As time unfolds, each facet reveals its relevance to our lives, enabling us to live through every stage of our lives according to the glorious riches found in Christ Jesus.

The transforming power of the Gospel was real for Goro — In his 20s, the Gospel was to him The Gospel of Salvation; in his 30s, The Gospel of Discipleship; in his 40s, The Gospel of Peace; in his 50s, The Gospel for the Weak; in his 60s, The Gospel for Oikos (Greek for Family); and in his 70s, The Gospel of Victory. In naming various dimensions of the Gospel, it has helped him remember the work of the Gospel in all of his life, so that in sharing his life stories with others, the glorious truths of the Gospel can be manifested to both believers and non-believers.

After serving 43 years with The Navigators, Goro decided to retire in order to minister to the retirees. Together with his wife Sanae, they have committed themselves to bring the Gospel to the older generation in Japan. It is their hope that many in the evening of their lives will find peace and assurance in Christ.