Gospel-centred Lives

by Yap Kim Meng

Since the start of the year, our staff has been engaged with the Gospel. We pursued it and grew deeper into it with greater appreciation of what the Gospel is about. We shared with each other promises from the Word that we are trusting God for in our respective ministries. It is an inspiration to see people live out Gospel-centred lives, drawing strength from the Word as they fervently share His Good News with others.

We had the privilege of hearing from guest missionaries ministering at other parts of the world. Timothy and his wife came to share about their recent work in East Asia. Having served as a layperson for most of his life, Timothy stepped up to become a full-time labourer late in life.

The Lord established the work of their hands as they led hundreds of students to Christ. They opened up their home and served the students sacrificially, using up tons of rice as they fed the students spiritually and physically. It was said literally in Chinese that the students ‘ate their way to heaven’ (从食堂吃到天堂).  A female student, touched by the meal she was offered, broke down and cried as she admitted about her insecurities — not having a place to stay, going through a tough time sorting out her courses. What the couple gave was more than just a simple meal; they pointed her to Jesus, God’s greatest gift to her and the rest of the world.

May we be encouraged as we bear the Good News of God to others. “For Christ’s love compels us” (2 Corinthians 5:14).  In the words of Jerry Bridges, ‘to be compelled is to be highly motivated. That is, we are to be motivated by Christ’s love for us. And where do we learn of His love? Where do we hear Him say, “I love you”? It is in the gospel.’