New National Director

by Patricia Lian


Yap Kim Meng, the new National Director of the Singapore Navigators.

On 22 November 2016, Mr. Yap Kim Meng was selected by the Asia-Pacific Leadership Team as the new National Director of the Singapore Navigators.  Kim Meng and his wife Beow Kheng are seasoned veterans, having served 32 years as Navigator staff, first joining us through the Military ministry.  Over the years Kim Meng has led our Singapore Poly ministry (both English and Chinese), Singapore Poly alumni ministry, New Staff Institute, Missions Department, and most recently, Alumni-Community ministry.  NavNews catches up with Kim Meng on his first 30 days as ND:

“When appointed on 22 Nov 2016, I gave an acceptance speech touching on fearlessness and faithfulness.

Fearlessness.  We are not to fear man but to fear only God (Joshua 1:9).  All my four children carry the middle Chinese character ‘Yong’, meaning ‘brave and courageous’.  My prayer is that as God’s workers, we will be fearless, not afraid.

Faithfulness. Our role is to be faithful to what God has made known to us and called us to.  Fruitfulness or outcomes are of the Lord.  We are only to be faithful in obeying.  Isaiah 64:4 says, ‘God works for those who wait (trust) for Him.’

ND School 1.JPG

Kim Meng sharing about Fearlessness and Faithfulness.

A week after the appointment, Beow Kheng and I were with 18 other couples at a regional National Directors Conference.  There were 10 new NDs — 6 from Africa and 4 from Asia.  It was a tremendous time of learning for us and we are humbled with thanksgiving and gratitude.

ND School 2.JPG

A new generation of national directors across Asia and Africa.

What stood out particularly for me was a sharing by Mutua Mahiaini, the International President of The Navigators.  Mutua recalled, “in 1956, Dawson Trotman (the founder of  The Navigators) drowned while saving a girl at Lake Schooner, New York State; at that same time, Doug Sparks was sent to Kenya to open the Nav work.  I was there in that first group.”  It was a poignant recall by Mutua and a reach back into history.  It was a connection to the faith and courage of missionaries who have since passed on.  That was a reminder of the unflinching commitment our spiritual forefathers had as they started the Nav work in various parts of the world, and the work continues today.

Mutua’s wife Stephanie also shared about the times when the responsibility of leadership means gracefully putting aside our own inclinations.  When Mutua was first appointed as International President of The Navigators in 2015, Stephanie felt that she was needed more in Africa than in America. But as she sought the Lord, He led her to be of one heart with her husband.  Not unlike the biblical account of Ruth following Naomi, Stephanie is an example of the courage it takes to be obedient.

ND School 3.jpg

(L-R) Beow Kheng, Kim Meng, Mutua and Stephanie Mahiaini

Allow me to share with you a word of encouragement for 2017 from 2 Chronicles 20:17

‘You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position, and see the salvation of the LORD on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, and the LORD will be with you’.