To Campus With Love

by Patricia Lian

Taiwan Missions.JPG

A team from Republic and Nanyang Poly ministries headed out to National Taiwan University (NTU) for campus missions. Besides gaining exposure to a different context of doing ministry work, the team partnered with the Korean missionaries attached to NTU in advancing the gospel. We are encouraged that 12 people were brought to Christ. Here are some highlights from two members on the team:

When Man Prays, God Works — Lum Jun Ming

There is a saying “When Man works, Man works; but when Man prays, God works.” We had prayed hard before the trip, claiming Isaiah 44:3-5 for receptive hearts to the gospel, desiring that each of us on the team would have the joy of bringing at least one person to Christ.  However, I was discouraged after hearing from a local doctorate student, that the ground was hard and it took many months to even see a person come to Christ.  We had two weeks,  and I wondered if we would even be of help to the local missionaries.

The students were open to listen but their hearts seemed to be closed to the gospel.  We persisted in prayer, asking God for the salvation of the young people on campus.   We started getting different responses.  On the second last day of witnessing, we saw 7 students come to Jesus, and on the last day, 5 students. Thank God for his grace as we learnt to trust Him in prayer and wait for his right timing.  Indeed it is God who draws men and women to His side.  It matters not how well we share the gospel, but only that we share it.         

Sincerity and Humility for the sake of the Gospel — Tang Bifen

The highlight for me was learning from the missionaries in NTU’s ministry.  Both couples were Korean with 2 children each.  They have adopted Chinese names, and they carry the gospel everywhere they go.

From the airport to the apartment, 阿均 shared about Jesus Christ to the taxi driver.  I sensed his sincerity in helping the driver know God.  Upon reaching, I heard from others who were in the other taxi that 小蔡 shared the gospel to his taxi driver too. 

小英,阿均’s wife also talks about Jesus everywhere she goes.  In the market, she prayed and had the opportunity to share the gospel to the greengrocer.  She shared Christ to people in the train station, the cleaner in school, her Chinese tutor.  Everywhere she goes, people will know that she is a believer. 小蔡‬’s wife, 银珠, came to Taiwan five years ago.  She is not so fluent in her Mandarin, but this did not stop her from sharing the gospel.   Their sincerity and humility for the sake of the gospel is a challenging posture to imitate, but it is one that really touches me.